Natural gas saves money on fuel and exceeds emission requirements.  The question is why continue to use liquid fuels when the country has an abundance of cheap CNG.  CNG is a 130 octane fuel source with 86% fewer emissions.  CNG is naturally abundant in nature with an overall lower cost to the consumer. If you would like to pay significantly less for fuel, lower emissions and support USA energy independence, you will get behind this mature and emerging technology.  A basic rule of thumb for current natural gas pricing at your site lies in your local utility price per Therm of natural gas.  Billing is usually by the Therm.  This varies throughout the year and by region.

1 Therm = 100 cubic feet of natural gas.  1 gasoline gallon equivalent or GGE of liquid gasoline = 126.67 cubic feet of natural gas or 1.2667 Therms.  So if your gas company's current rate per Therm is .51185 or 51 cents per Therm, multiply that rate by 1.2667 or 126.67% per Therm more to be equivalent to a liquid gallon of gasoline based on volume.  Your basic fuel cost would be .6483 or 65 cents a gallon rounded up in this example.

This equivalency is slightly different for diesel gallons equivalent or DGE.  Due to different heat values between gasoline and diesel, diesel requires 138.9 cubic feet of natural gas to equal 1 Therm.  Using the above example the fuel cost would be 71 cents a gallon rounded up.

This is the start of figuring out your return on investment or ROI for the conversion to natural gas.  The above is based on gas from the utility company rather than prices charged at a public filling station for a profit.  Educational links here (more...)

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